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Transport & Logistics

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If you are in the business of moving people or freight — in the air, on the ground or at sea — access to real-time data and reliable communications are vital to your success. Transport and logistics industries include a range of businesses with many requirements. Railways and public transport networks must ensure the safety of their passengers, with heavy penalties for late or delayed arrivals. Airports and aviation authorities face similar pressures, in an environment of greater security. Similarly, ports, road freight, commercial fleets and supply chain specialists need to ensure worker safety in times of cost-cutting and “doing less with more”. The solution TL Parker can advise your business on the best solution and provide your business with a mobile radio solution that delivers:

  • greater productivity with reliable communications to all staff, everywhere
  • efficient communications with one-to-one and groups calls, and talk groups dedicated to specific teams
  • worker safety with constant communications, plus lone worker and man-down applications
  • increased customer satisfaction when people and products arrive on time
  • lower cost structures
  • assistance with OH&S compliance

As a partner on the Orion Network, we can also offer unrivalled digital two-way radio coverage across New Zealand, ensuring that your workforce is always connected. Powered by Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO Connect Plus digital mobile radio technology (DMR), voice and data services are combined to enable clearer, faster and more versatile extended range communications. Access to the Orion Network gives our fleet customers world-class digital radio communications. Whether your fleet is large or small, our Connect Plus digital radio systems and digital mobile radio systems are well suited to meet your fleet communication requirements. Download the MOTOTRBO Transport & Logistics eBook.Transport and Logisitics ebook Our customers Wentworth Carrying is just one of fleet management customers enjoying enormous benefits from MOTOTRBO two-way radios on the Orion Network. “This system is definitely more efficient and the cost savings are across the board. We’ve not only saved on mobile phones costs, but we save time, which is a big factor, by making everything quicker and easier. A job which used to take one hour now takes nowhere near that time. It’s hard to put a monetary amount on the value because there’s so much time saved as well.” Angela Chambers, owner-operator, Wentworth Carrying

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