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Mobile Radio, An Efficient Way of Communicating for the Future?

Although visible to users and observers, Mobile Radio can be at times considered the “Dark Arts” of communication. Our mission here at T L Parker Limited is to dispel the complexities of Mobile Radio networks and hardware and make it “more real” for our customers. 

In this edition of “Garry’s Blog” Garry Parker explains in layman’s terms how the future fusion of mobile devices will change the course of Mobile Radio and its Networks.

In a day of cellular phones, one could be forgiven for thinking that this form of mobile communications provides a ‘one stop shop’ approach to the daily riggers of a business. Yes, cellular phones play an interracial part in our business and our private lives, and in some industry types this might be true, but the buck doesn’t stop there!

The actual cellular phone itself is NOT the benchmark when competing with the availability and dealing with the reliability of communicating on a one to many basis, but a mobile radio is! Through its group type capabilities, a person can talk to one or to many. It’s like having an impromptu meeting of the masses regardless of one’s location.

Rather than run the risk of having an impasse that can evolve into time consuming complexities that impede workflow, group type communications facilitate immediate collaboration to solve impasses and situations quickly. It encourages simple as well as complex situations to be remedied transparently and in a very short period of time. Managed correctly, Mobile Radio enables both experienced and junior staff to work collaborately in real time. With the average time of 14 seconds from conversation to solution, it empowers staff to achieve a successful result quickly and easily.

So what’s this have to do with my cel phone, you say? Motorola has developed IP based gateways between its latest Tier 3 Capacity Max Mobile Radio Network and LTE. The key fundaments of this philosophy is to always focus on the mobile radio as the principal tool in planning this platform but introduces and integrates one’s cellular device seamlessly into the mix. On one hand, the extremely robust mobile radio allows staff in different working conditions the ability to communicate to senior management and owners; whilst on the other hand, senior management and owners have the ability and option to communicate to one or many on either their mobile radio or through an app that behaves like a mobile radio on their Smart Devices.

Staff working in harsh conditions require tools that are purpose built to communicate efficiently and effectively in robust types of environments. On the other hand, senior management today, when in their executive low noise environment, can now use their light weight, fragile, smart devices to interface with their staff. However, when senior management are required to communicate in harsher working conditions, a smart device behaving like a mobile phone is not an effective and safe platform for communication.

So what are the benefits of integrating mobile radio and an app that behaves like a mobile radio on to an existing smart device? The benefits are a convergence of multiple communication platforms that are primarily driven by IP mobile radio! More importantly, it creates an environment where all communication platforms seamlessly merge to give a ‘one device’ solution regardless of internet protocol or communication hardware used.

Motorola’s solutions based philosophy allows customers to choose robust mobile radios such as the DP4601e which are IP68 waterproof and designed to withstand extreme working conditions. On the other hand, moderately light environmental conditions are best suited for products such as the LEX10 which has the capabilities of integrating mobile radio applications and cellular functions in one device, but still offering good levels of audio. For those that are only required to occasional response but often listen, the mobile radio app can be downloaded for use on any lightweight smart device. By capturing the workplace needs of robust, moderate and light communication hardware with the interoperability of multiple platforms such as LTE, Tier 3 Capacity Max and Wi-Fi with multiple IP mobile devices, creates the nirvana of next generation integrated mobile radio communications. Furthermore, with the emergence of ‘Gen Y’ now being promoted to senior positions of responsibility and their willingness to use their own personal devices with company supplied applications, proves to offer all demographics and environments a fully rounded ecosystem of communications.

Christchurch Airport Company and T L Parker Limited are currently integrating these solutions through a joint venture agreement. Our current Beta testing with Five Ash Contracting, Christchurch Ready Mix, Frew’s Contracting and White Gold Dairy have proven to be invaluable with the emergence of multiple devices and the changing demands of these company’s workloads and environments. As medium to large businesses are now finding great value in the convergence of multiple communication platforms that are driven by next generation networks and IP solutions gateways, don’t be put off by the size requirement of a company! The beauty of integrating one’s cellular device seamlessly into the mix with the key fundamentals of IP based mobile radio and T L Parker Limited’s latest Tier 3 Capacity Max Mobile Radio Network enables us to provide any company, regardless of size, ‘tailor made’ platforms that will revolutionise the way a business operates.

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