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Gone Fishing

Sometimes you just need some sweet tunes when the fish aren’t biting!

Back open for business

TL Parker Limited is back and open for business with your health and safety in mind.

Hands-Free Two-Way Radio for Covid-19 Safety

TL Parker Limited has designed and installed the Mototola DM4601 Radio with a workable foot pedal and handsfree microphone for Steve Murphy Transport in order to comply with Daikin’s updated Occupational Health and Safety regulations following the covid-19 lockdown. 

TL Parker Limited goes Global!

Grabbing the global attention on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and communication network and suppliers throughout the world, Motorola executives flew in from world headquarters just outside of Chicago to witness the successful use of T L Parker Limited’s MOTOTRBO upgrade. 

Health & Safety – are your radios & programmable software offering safety and assurance?

In this edition of “Garry’s Blog” Garry Parker explains how next generation portable radios and software offer safety and assurance to any worker that could potentially find themselves at risk. 

Health & Safety Of Your Workforce – We know it Is Important to Your Business

The Health & Safety of our workforces & staff is a major priority for all business. The ability to communicate effectively & quickly is vital in environments where workers are working alone, using heavy machinery, or are working in hazardous conditions. Portable radios can provide the vital link between workers and management in potentially hazardous or dangerous working conditions. The ability to activate “yes-no” communication is vital in keeping your teams safe on the work site. An effective 2-way radio system provides a time-saving method, & keeps communication flowing- so everyone knows what is going on.


TL Parker are excited to announce in the next three weeks we will be launching our  new ecommerce website, this will give the ability for all of our customers near and far existing and new to shop from the comfort of their own home in their own time…

Charging Travel Cases from the Service Department

Our service team are busy with the build up to Christmas fast approaching and we have been custom making charging travel cases for Motorola portable radios. This solution is recommended to those organisations that frequently move portable radio sets from site to site.

T L Parker Ltd offers cost effective rentals of Motorola radios

T L Parker Ltd offers cost effective short term, medium term or long term rental of Motorola two way radios. We have a full range of analogue or digital Motorola portable radios including speaker microphones, earpieces, chargers and spare batteries.

Staff Profile – Craig Pidgeon

The day I started at T L Parker Ltd no one else turned up for work !!!

It was the 24th of August 1992, the day of the big snow dump on Christchurch and now 26 years later I am still here.

Mobile Radio, An Efficient Way of Communicating for the Future?

Although visible to users and observers, Mobile Radio can be at times considered the “Dark Arts” of communication. Our mission here at T L Parker Limited is to dispel the complexities of Mobile Radio networks and hardware and make it “more real” for our customers. 

In this edition of “Garry’s Blog” Garry Parker explains in layman’s terms how the future fusion of mobile devices will change the course of Mobile Radio and its Networks.

20+ Years of Partnership with Christchurch International Airport Limited

TL Parker has been a trusted adviser and partner for more than 20 years of this rapid development, as an industry leader in delivering mobile radio systems and solutions in New Zealand, backed by Motorola Solutions’ technology, networks and devices.

Short Term Rental Solutions

Short term rental is a cost effective way to organise, coordinate or even offer safety to staff and volunteers for that function ,project or sporting event. A great aid to health and safety requirements.

Experts in Service and Installations

TL Parker are expert installers and servicers of radio and radio equipment. We have the expertise and knowledge to install mobile radios into a wide range of equipment and have a mobile team of technicians at the ready. Whether you would like to come into our depot or require us at your site, we can fulfil your requirements.

Staff Profile – Roger Dunstan

I began working at T L Parker Ltd in August 1989 – next year will be my 30th Anniversary. At that stage the business had seven employees, five of whom were Parker family members. A family firm back then as it remains today. Terry Parker had been my rugby coach and offered me a position within the company – the rest is history.

Industry solutions
Mobile radios, walkie talkies, UHF radios in Farming & Agriculture Industry
Farming & Agriculture
Mobile radios, walkie talkies, UHF radios in Manufacturing Industry
Mobile radios, walkie talkies, UHF radios in Transport & Logistics Industry
Transport & Logistics
Mobile radios, walkie talkies, UHF radios in Security Industry
Mobile radios, walkie talkies, UHF radios in Forestry Industry
Mobile radios, walkie talkies, UHF radios in Road & Civil Construction Industry
Road & Civil Construction
Mobile radios, walkie talkies, UHF radios in Construction & Contractors Industry
Construction & Contractors
Mobile radios, walkie talkies, UHF radios in Utilities Industry
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Motorola mobile radios, Motorola walkie talkies, Motorola UHF radios
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