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Are your radios & programmable software offering safety and assurance?

Emergency, Loan Worker and Man Down are only a few of the many software safety features offered in Motorola’s software suite called TRBOnet Plus. The TRBOnet Plus software integrates into Motorola’s Mototrbo DMR series of radios and allows the base to monitor the welfare of its users; thereby, mitigating risk.

 Emergency is the basic software entry level solutions offering assurance of the health and safety of a worker within their environment. With either the press of the orange button on any Motorola DP4000e series radio or on the lapel microphone, these buttons can be pressed to activate in event of any risk or emergency.

 Two forms of emergency are programmable. The first programmable feature is the activations of beeps and flashing lights on the portable radios. This provides a deterrent in an event of a confrontational situation; thereby, informing the perpetrator that they are exposed while assuring the user that help is on its way. With potential hazards or dangers such as confrontation or unsafe environments, the second programmable feature that is commonly configured to any Motorola DP4000e series radio offers the user a “covert emergency” feature. This feature allows the portable radio user the protection of a ‘silent emergency’. This is where audio received on the portable is muted to ensure further risk. Upon activation of the emergency button, the base and other configured portables are alerted to the event with no audible alarms activated within the actual environment of the portable radio e.g. beeps or flashing lights. Most importantly, the microphone on the user’s portable radio is activated so that the base as well as other radios which are configured receive the emergency.

 Loan worker is a software feature that is activated on a timer circuit. The timer circuit sends out an audible noise on a pre-programmed time schedule. The deactivation button must be pressed to reset the timer circuit. If not deactivated by the user, the base will follow through with an audible voice call to determine the welfare of the user. If there is no response by the user, the base deploys their emergency response process. This feature can also be enhanced with the base being able to hear what is happening in the user’s environment following the emergency activation. The portable’s microphone becomes ‘live’ enabling the base to hear the environment of the user.

 Man down is another software product that is triggered by the user’s movement. The portable radio is worn on the user. The base is notified of a potential situation with the change of the user’s position from vertical to a lying.

 Emergency, loan worker and man down features can all be enhanced by Mototrbo’s transmit-interrupt feature. This allows the base to override the continuous hands free transmission from the user’s activated portable so as to assess and respond to the user.

 If the user fails to respond, GPS and internal Bluetooth beacon system offers the location of the user for quickened response time. The GPS and Bluetooth beacon system features are extremely empowering when integrated with the protection and safety software of TRBOnet Plus. These features are also offered in the TurboNet suite of applications.

All of these features are easily activated in Motorola’s latest series of radios such as Motorola’s DP4000e series portables and permits the base to monitor the welfare and security of staff in real time with the ability to voice call the staff member if required.

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