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Walkie Talkie’s For Forestry in New Zealand


If you are part of the team logging in the depths of the New Zealand countryside, or someone who works in the lumber yard or office – access to real-time data and reliable communications are vital to your success and for safety.


From knowing team positions out in the forest to communicating with the driver and sorting out transport logistics, all the way to keeping updated with sawmill activities and the warehouse – being able to know everything happening is crucial to make sure business is streamlined and no accidents happen. The solution for all of this and many of the other potential issues is having a fully functional two-way radio system.



Fleet manager and supervisors can have direct push-to-talk communication with drivers and warehousing and dispatch teams. And via the optional WAVE Work Group Communication Solution, MOTOTRBO extends push-to-talk capabilities to smartphones, so that the drives and fleet managers can have instant connections with users who are not carrying two-way radios. Decisions are better informed and can be made faster, helping to resolve questions and incidents promptly. 



Poor cellular coverage can often mean that radio is the only way to communicate with the team responsible for the safe management of goods in and out. The new MOTTRBO radios provide longer battery life, increased power and enhanced coverage to make sure communication is uninterrupted and alerts can always be heard. 



Drivers can drive without distraction, while still communicating naturally with their home office and others on the road. Foot-operated push-to-talk, headsets with no trailing wires, text-to-speech messaging, and visor-mounted microphones – the focus in on clear, instant communication that doesn’t compromise safety or driving standards. 



Movement, noise and heavy objects make the sawmill one of the most hazardous areas of any site. Workers should be able to communicate with excellent audio clarity, and hands-free, so they can complete complex tasks. MOTOTRBO’s enhanced Bluetooth capabilities mean accessories such as headsets don’t leave hazardous trailing cables, while their noise-cancelling features ensure clear communication. 



In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by dangerous machinery or environmental layouts risks are high and worker safety is paramount. MOTOTRBO’S location-tracking and motion-sensing functions give a priceless layer of additional safety to users, while extended coverage and long battery life help ensure they are always in reach and can be found quickly in an emergency. 




TL Parker can advise your business on the best solution and provide your forestry business with a mobile radio solution that delivers.

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